We are now offering the complete horse ownership experience. This Service is for Persons or Companies who would love to be part of the Sport of Kings and own 100% of a horse rather than a small shareholding. If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in horse racing look no further. With our experienced Personnel we will source your horse within your budget and Manage that horse on your behalf right through its sporting life for a nominal monthly fee.

We make it hassle free and we will simplify your ownership process by..

1. Sourcing the horse through our expert Bloodstock agent within your budget.

2. We will work with you in setting up of all necessary accounts in relation to your horse.

3. We will help you through the process of selecting the colours of your choice as you have purchased 100% of a horse.

4. We will manage all aspects of the horses training and will provide Monthly updates on your horse and its progress.

5. When the Exciting time of Race day arrives, we will ensure all tickets required are there for you to enjoy your big day in the parade ring with our Racing Management team and our Trainer.

6. If you are lucky enough to have a Winner or Placed horse we will ensure your Prize Money is paid directly to you the Owner.

7. If you wish to sell on your horse you can avail of our extensive network of international bloodstock agents in the U.K. America, Hong Kong, and Australia.

So in a nutshell we take the hassle out of ownership so please get in touch with one of our team and register your interest in owning a horse…